Time Lapse Photography and Videography

Experience the past in lightspeed
Time lapse filming- Virtually Famous
time lapse

Experience the past
in lightspeed

Short- and Long-term construction projects are best told with time lapse photography. Our systems are fully self-contained (Power and Data) if required. Images are uploaded directly to Dropbox as they are taken, can be viewed online through a unique portal, and can be edited into update or project-complete videos.

Virtually Famous has been contracted to the City Rail Link project. Live images can be viewed by request.

The City Rail Link project is the largest transport infrastructure project ever to be undertaken in New Zealand, allowing the Auckland rail network to at least double rail capacity. Since 2019 Virtually Famous has provided up to 16 Time Lapse cameras to capture the mammoth story of construction.

City Rail Link

In 2019 Air New Zealand -14 unveiled its flagship Regional Lounge at Auckland Airport, setting the standard for domestic lounges around the country. Virtually Famous captured the build, showing how the original building was dramatically extended.

Air NZ Regional Lounge at AKL

Since 2013, Z Energy has donated over $7M through their “Good in the Hood” campaign. One recent campaign saw them team up with Kiwi artist Janine Wareham to paint three murals in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Virtually Famous was there to tell the story.

“Good in the Hood” Campaign

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