Drone Based Aerial Video Production

Scenic drone based storytelling
Aerial Video Production- Virtually Famous

The best angle might be from above

Aerial Showreel:

Whether it’s commercial property, group photos, construction or property maintenance, we use drones to get the right viewpoint.

Operating under a CAA Part 102 license, we create videos, photos and orthomosaic images (large-scale, top-down images of whole sites from a low altitude), as well as 3D mapping services and building inspections.


Photo & Video

Storytelling from the air is easy with drones, adding extra production value to your images. CAA Part 102 Certified and with extensive experience around NZ’s largest international airport, we know the rules and how to stay safe in the air.

Mapping & Modelling

Use Orthomosaic images and 3D models created from the air to quickly and easily get up-to-date data on construction sites or properties, including terrain elevation and plant health mapping.


Using a combination of video, photos and 3D models, take the danger out of building inspections by gathering all the data you need from the air, and analysing it later.

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