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Our Services

As a successful and experienced kiwi business, we know that we need to put in the extra mile when planning and arranging shoots to make for a smooth session. Our clients appreciate that we are able to meet their needs with minimal disruption when working on location and still maintain a safe work environment. We aim to providing creative and technical direction where needed for extra vigor and atmosphere in your media content. We understand how important commercial photography is to your brand.

  • Commercial

This kind of photography requires a great range of skills, which we can provide for your brand. We are motivated to create engaging, targeted visual media that is compelling and represents our clients business accurately and positively. We provide services in videography, aerial photography and stills. From astounding aerial shots taken on the DJI Inspire 2. To huge corporate events with massive guest lists. We aim to excel at every given creation. On any given day we might be taking professional portraits in the boardroom or photographing bridge constructions with the drone. No two shoots are the same and we have the flexibility, knowledge and manpower to make every idea work.

Our Loyal Clients
Just a small example of Brands we have worked for presently or in the past. This list continues to grow.

Ollie Dale

Ollie is trusted with looking after hundreds of NZ photographers as the president of NZIPP. You can't find anyone else as dedicated as him. Ollie gives up his own time to help establish and maintain a better working life for other photographers. 

Over his career, Ollie has been entrusted with events of over 1800 people as well as rewriting history on the lost clipper project. He stands apart from others as a true gentleman and master of his craft. 
  • Time Management

  • Creative Problem Solver

  • Countless Happy Clients

  • Commercially Licensed Drone Pilot

  • Award Winning Photographer

  • Official Photographer At AKL

  • NZIPP Photography Judge

  • One Stop Content Shop

A Family Man

A Wonderful Husband and devoted father. A trusted member of the community. The NZIPP president and a global judge of photography. Whose dedication and knowledge of his media constantly surpasses peoples expectations.